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I've been meaning to go to Motor Supply Co. Get on their mailing list and sign up for a wine tasting. As for downtown proper, Hennesey's is dark and quiet and you can get discount coupons on restaurant.


If you like sushi, I am a big fan of Camon Japanese Restaurant -- it's not super fancy, but the sushi is incredible, the Japanese food is great and authentic, and the Kobayashi family runs a wonderful restaurant. HG is not necessarily "romantic," but it's got a great atmosphere and I recommend it to everyone. I've had everything on the menu.

Visions of Granders: Boatyards and Blue Marlin

Not so much the romantic setting, but if your in the mood to chill, that is a good place to go for a beer or two. Oh, and their beer is great as well. I recommend the ESB. As for other resturants, I've been to Al's Upstairs, and if your familiar with great real Italian food you may be a little disapointed.

But you still get a good meal.

Fast Food - Traveller Reviews - Burger King - TripAdvisor

One of the better tapas resturants I've ever been to, and that includes my list in NYC. If you are unfamiliar with eating topas, directions for two: you both order two things on the menu you like, after the wine of course , then if your still hungary order something else you'd like to try, or even re order another dish. Hampton Street Vineyard is always good. May fit your spec's a little better. California Dreaming is good, but more for the eat out in Jeans occasion. Then again, I've been to almost every resturant in Columbia and always see some jeans around. Could be considered more of a upscale family resturant.

Blue Marlin is also a favorite of mine. I go there just for their She Crab Soup. I've never had a bad meal here. It's between romantic and loud. Longhorns is good for a steak, but not quiet or romantic. Liberty is overrated in my book. I've had two bad experiences there but others find it nice.

I have not been, but in 5 points there is Saluda's. I just hanen't been because their menu posted outside never really appealed to me. And incase someone recomends the Melting Pot. Don't pay that to cook your own food. It's a romantic setting, food is alright, service is great. But I think you pay a little too much of a premium just to say you ate there. I do beleive you can eat better elsewhere and find a great setting.

Just the atmosphere is quite and romatic at the Melting Pot. Copper River Grill has a huge wood fired grill, so the pizza here is amazing. The house salad with the house dressing is not to be missed: Imagine combining a bowl of hot bacon drippings and honey mustard dressing and then pouring it over a huge bed of mixed greens, bacon, almonds, cucumbers and tomatoes…wow! The wait staff here is really top notch and the chefs are on top of things too.

This restaurant caters to young professionals, families, college co-eds and couples looking for a nice casual dining experience. Copper River Grill is suitable for any occasion and all diners. Motor Supply Company Bistro , illuminated by a bright neon sign declaring its origins, is located in the heart of the Vista district. If you are looking for a restaurant that features a progressive menu with a distinct southern flair, you definitely want to check out Motor Supply.

The chef changes the menu twice daily, providing a unique dining experience for each service. The menu is available online half an hour before service begins, giving you the opportunity to choose a lunch or dinner visit to sample a meal that piques your culinary curiosity. Motor Supply maintains an extensive wine list, and their servers are adept at suggesting great wine pairings for your dinner selection. The chef at Motor Supply makes a conscious effort to choose self-sustainable foods, sourced locally when possible, in order to benefit local farmers and provide the freshest product available to diners.

Consider getting a seat at their beautiful outdoor terrace on a cool summer night and prepare yourself for a refreshing dining experience you will want to encounter again and again. And with the ever-changing menu at Motor Supply, you will never have the same experience twice. Repeat customers are the mainstay of this successful restaurant, and although it is located near USC Columbia, Blue Marlin tends to draw families and business travelers. This is a great place to find seafood, and lots of it. They also serve killer hand cut steaks. Blue Marlin is a great place for diners seeking authentic Southern seafood.

From a hole-in-the-wall deli with no name to an eclectic electric bistro, Columbia has some great restaurant options for your consideration. May 20, 0 Comments blue marlin , blue marlin steaks and seafood , copper river grill , motor supply company bistro , no name deli , the blue marlin , yesterdays , yesterdays columbia sc , yesterdays tavern and bar. Groups of cycles count as one vehicle. More information? See lots of cute baby farm animals, including baby chicks, pigs and goats.

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Learn how they grow vegetables, fruits, flowers, mushrooms and more without harmful pesticides. And, teach your children where their food comes from, play fun farm games, and more! The tour is self-guided. Visit any farm in any order.

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No pets allowed. The tour is rain or shine. April 4, 0 Comments. Festivities include live entertainment, chef demonstrations a Silent Auction and more. Savor the flavors on Saturday, October 13, from pm. Includes parking, event entrance, wine tastings and food samplings. September 25, 1 Comment capital city eatz , columbia , columbia restaurants , columbia sc coffee , columbia sc restaurant , columbia sc restaurants , fine dining columbia sc , sc , south carolina , southern food.

But first, we needed sustenance. So the friends tagged along to ease the tension. L has been telling me for years that I needed to go to Motor Supply, but I somehow never made it there. On this occasion, I was glad I did. It was an utterly gorgeous day in May, and we were sitting on the patio. There were 7 of us, so we took up a pretty big table. We started with a basket of pastries, a round of coffee, and mimosas and bloody marys. August 17, 0 Comments columbia , columbia restaurants , columbia sc coffee , columbia sc restaurants , fine dining columbia sc , good restaurants in columbia sc , motor supply co , restaurant , sc , south carolina , vista.

By: Rockstar Dad. I knew it was going to be a busy Friday. It may be a busy day, but I knew it was going to be fun. One of the great things about being a foodie is getting to eat for free. James, owner of Jamestown Coffee, invited me out to try his homemade pimento cheese bagel. How could I say no? The atmosphere brims with gourmet quality, complimented with southern charm.

The roadies made themselves at home, receiving the highest compliment that a parent can receive… having a stranger tell you on how well behaved your kids are. Hello, Vicodin. They enjoyed their cake pops while the Groupie Wife and I enjoyed some coffee. It took a little convincing to get her to understand that this was going to be better. A lot better. She was convinced upon first sip.

HA HA! Take that SB! While I sipped on my latte topped with whipped cream, caramel and pecans…to give it a crunch , James was busy making the pimento cheese. You heard that right. This is homemade. Fo real, yo. It was so worth the wait. The sharp pimento cheese mixed with the crisp saltiness of the bacon on a bagel is pure…I would say orgasmic, but this is a family blog.

You get the idea. This did not come off a truck, prepackaged and frozen. Read the rest of the post at iloverockstardad.

Seafood Restaurant & Bar in Columbia, South Carolina

August 1, 0 Comments. By: The Foraging Foodie. Soon after their rise to stardom, however, they launched their mobile eats food truck, spreading their SC island burgers across the city. In many ways, I think the truck may be the best way to get a bite of Pawleys; though the main restaurants sweet potato fries and larger list of burgers and tacos are tempting, the truck itself has been known to crank out their very best burgers fast and quick, delivering the amazing bites that were promised from their television appearance, consistently hot and loaded the way they were meant to be.

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